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Start End Event Location
Mar 22 2015 Mar 29 2015 Bras for the Cause  (Bras for the Cause)  RTUC WORNICK WINDOWS
06:00 AM 12:00 PM Penquin in the Park  (Penquin in the Park)  GRIS GYM
07:00 AM 09:00 AM Community Lecture On Investment  (Community Lecture on Investment)  SCO 109
08:00 AM 04:00 PM TPR  (TPR)  SCO 006
08:00 AM 05:00 PM Auditions  (Auditions)  PMC KH, PMC LOUNGE
09:00 AM 01:00 PM ED 406-01 (PACE S15)  (Rsrv_177033)  SH 310
09:00 AM 01:00 PM ED 406 01 MMP  (83068-1)  SH 303
09:30 AM 03:30 PM World Goes Round Rehearsal  (Rsrv_169464)  OG DANC
09:30 AM 03:30 PM Pd Rehearsal  (Rsrv_173912)  AST DANCE
10:00 AM 12:30 PM Directing Rehearsal  (Directing Rehearsal)  MIL PD2
10:00 AM 05:00 PM P.T.A Spotlight Event  (Rsrv_177079)  KIRK AUD
11:00 AM 05:00 PM Girl Scouts Of America Mentoring Event  (Girl Scouts of America Mentoring Event)  WTOWN SPEC
12:00 PM 01:00 PM Thats So Cliche  (Thats So Cliche)  PMC 105
12:00 PM 04:00 PM P.T.A. Spotlight Workshops  (Rsrv_180757)  KIRK 136
12:00 PM 08:00 PM Softball vs. Univ of Wisconsin  (University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point)  SUNNYSIDE FIELD
12:00 PM 08:00 PM AKA Meeting  (AKA Meeting)  SH 407
12:00 PM 08:00 PM AKA Meeting  (AKA Meeting)  SH 409
01:00 PM 02:00 PM Althoff Directing  (Althoff Directing)  MIL PD2
01:00 PM 03:00 PM Trivia Event  (Rsrv_180626)  RTUC LINDSAY SCHAUB
01:00 PM 03:00 PM P.T.A Spotlight Workshop  (Rsrv_177082)  KIRK 17
01:00 PM 03:00 PM P.T.A Spotlight Workshop  (Rsrv_177083)  KIRK 126
01:00 PM 03:00 PM P.T.A. Spotlight Workshop  (Rsrv_177086)  KIRK 128
01:00 PM 03:00 PM PTA Spotlight Workshop  (Rsrv_177092)  LIB MAC
01:00 PM 06:00 PM MU Tennis vs. Fontbonne  (Mens Tennis Match)  FAIRVIEW COURTS
03:00 PM 04:00 PM Goldberg Directing Rehearsal  (Goldberg Directing Rehearsal)  MIL PD2
04:00 PM 05:00 PM Eleemosynary Rehearsal  (Eleemosynary Rehearsal)  AST DANCE
04:00 PM 07:00 PM Bras For The Cause  (Bras for the Cause)  RTUC MULTIPURPOSE
04:00 PM 07:00 PM Dance Concert Piece  (Dance Concert Piece)  OG DANC
04:00 PM 08:00 PM Millikin Philosophy Club Meeting  (Millikin Philosophy Club Meeting)  LIB 29
05:00 PM 07:00 PM APO Bloody Pre-Show  (APO Bloody Pre-Show)  WTOWN SPEC
05:00 PM 07:00 PM Recital Prep  (Recital Prep)  PMC KH
06:00 PM 06:45 PM Directing Rehearsal  (Directing Rehearsal)  MIL PD2
07:00 PM 08:00 PM Lee Dance Rehearsal  (Lee Dance Rehearsal)  AST DANCE
07:00 PM 09:30 PM Family Fued  (Family Fued)  PMC KH
07:00 PM 10:30 PM Black Out For Pipe Dreams Production Ii  (Rsrv_170558)  WTOWN SPEC
07:00 PM 11:00 PM Rehearsal  (Rsrv_180959)  OG DANC

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